avenTOURa┬┤s Philosophy

avenTOURa is specialized in small group tourism and individual trips. Respectful and authentic encounters with nature and its people make each travel a special experience. Our travel philosophy is committed to the following principles:

Satisfy customer requirements optimally and with quality

The optimal provision of high quality services and the satisfaction of our customers is the focus of our activities. We want to offer each traveler an authentic and unique travel experience, in which he recovers, inspires and returns with new impulses.

Integrate nature and man

Tourism in harmony with man and nature is a priority for us, which we implement in all our travel products. This means to reduce the negative influences on people and nature in the travel destination and increase the positive effects for the local population through tourism. Here, the protection of human rights and especially the protection of children have the highest priority. The focus on ecological, socio-cultural and economic sustainability is generally the basis of our actions in all areas of the company. This is also confirmed by an external official of the CSR TourCert certification.

Participation of the locals and sustainable tourism projects

In many avenTOURa travel programs, the local population plays a central role. Our travel designers specifically look for groups of citizens, as well as environmentally and socially responsible tourism projects, whose visit is an important feature of each trip. In doing so, the people of Cuba participate intensively in the development and implementation of our programs. They receive special appreciation and in the same time strengthen the local value creation chain. In turn, our clients experience a unique and authentic encounter with the local culture and a way of life that is often strange to them and they learn about initiatives that give hope and confidence for a fairer coexistence.

Reliability and responsible employees

Trust is our top priority and team spirit is the basis of our actions as a tour operator. That is why employees who act with curiosity, creativity and responsibility identify with our mission statement. On their scale of values sincerity, partner as well as customer orientation and respectful interaction with others are most important. We are responsible for the quality of our work and for our products towards our customers, partners and colleagues and we are committed to fair market behavior.